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Rochester, NY

Rochester, New York
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This is a community for people who live in Rochester, people who used to live in Rochester, people who want to move to Rochester, and people who visit Rochester.

Basically in this community you can talk about anything relating to Rochester, New York.

However, there are some rules!

1. Right now this community has moderated membership. This means in order to join all you have to do is click the little link at the top of this user info page. Then, as soon as the moderator gets around to checking her email, she'll let you in.

2. No flaming, no trolling, no incendiary posts or comments. NONE. Posts or comments of this nature will be deleted. The user who posts the material may be given another chance, or they might be blocked from the community immediately. So just don't do it. This is not the place for that. You are allowed to have a sense of humor, but just don't be a jackass. It is simple.

2. No Spamming! Yes you can promote your shows. Please do, BUT do not post and repost the same information. Do not post large images/fliers. And do not promote non-Rochester-related communities.

3. Do not post large pictures in your entries unless they are behind an lj-cut. Any posts with images that are large enough to distort journal layouts (generally 300x300) and are not behind a cut and will be deleted. To learn how to use an lj-cut click here.

4. No posts about pet/animal transport. This is the Rochester community, not the Pet Taxi community.

That's it. Have fun.